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Craquant détoxification

Crunchy Universe

Especially during the summer, heavy legs appear!   Indeed, the heat and the exposure of the legs to the sun causes the veins to dilate and the valves can no longer carry out their functions.The blood therefore stagnates more, and your legs become swollen and heavy.

This can also be due to a hydration problem or following certain drug treatments, etc. 

In short, the heavy legs, the feelings of excess in the body of heaviness we have surely already felt it all! So much so sometimes, to feel lazy and lacking in vitality.

We know how unpleasant these moments are, especially if they are accompanied by sunburn and that is why we wanted to combine a detoxifying oil with the reconstructive properties of propolis. 

This universe in the colors of nature inspires you well-being and freshness!

Combined with our ritual advice offered at the bottom of the page, this oil accompanies you in all the moments when appeasement and lightness need to be there!

We advise you to use Craquant in your daily life...

  • To cleanse you energetically & emotionally
  • To work on detoxification
  • To feel fresher and lighter 
  • To oxygenate your skin  
  • To nourish your skin after sun exposure 
  • If you are allergic to synthetic or chemical preservatives
univers détoxification

We advise you
to use the elixir...

Every evening on your body from forehead to ears...
Every day is unique, just like each of your oil applications.

Dosage zone by zone:
- Face: 1 pipette only with the 30 mL format.
- Body: 1 pump per area with the 125 mL format
          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      & 2 pipettes with the 50 mL format.
- Wrist, neck & temple with the roll-ons: 5 circles on the area.
Let yourself be transported on this delicate journey. Soft and encompassing movements will allow you to find calm and softness.
Thanks to rosehip oil, your skin will regain a smooth, radiant appearance with its cell regenerating power.

How to prepare your skin before application?

Once a week perform a body scrub. As with "Carré Craquant", make circular movements on your wet or dry skin. The more sensitive skin you have, the less pressure you will have to put on. The thicker your skin, the more you can repeat your movement. 

Your skin will be soft and smooth. Then you can apply your elixir and enjoy the benefits of the elixir. 

*ATTENTION: the scrub is not intended for the skin of the face

The composition

Sesamum indicum seed oil*, helianthus annuus seed oil*, simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, aloysia citriodora palau extract*, propolis extract*, perfume, tocopherol 

Ingredients from organic farming * = 100% natural

Description craquant
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