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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why the name "elixir"?

Unlike a cream, an elixir is composed solely of oils. It has a fluid and light texture that penetrates deep into the layers of the epidermis to provide the necessary nutrients to the skin.

Sense elixirs are composed mainly of vegetable oils and there is no more than 10 ingredients in each product.


Why don't you have more products?

Our products are unique and the formulas are created only for the Sense brand.

Each product is worked on upstream, each product has a message to convey and is associated with a ritual. Sense prioritizes the quality and value of each product over quantity.

The Cocoon elixir is based on self-confidence, the Crunchy elixir on detox and the Conscience elixir on letting go.


How do you justify your prices?

The formulas are tailor-made, handmade and each action in the company is brought into an ethical and benevolent charter towards people and the planet.

Sense products are quality products, created in such a way that they can be used by both individuals and professionals, to offer the same quality as in an institute. They are created in collaboration with a laboratory specializing in natural cosmetics, which uses quality raw materials from organic farming.


I prefer to apply the elixir only on the face to keep it longer!

Our 125 mL format is 100% suitable for application on the body. Our refills of 200 mL minimum today will allow you to refill your bottles at a lower price.

Soon you will be able to refill your bottle at a distributor near you


What are oils used for?

In addition to bring abetter nutrition, more supple skin and rebondie, theoil allows you to create your ideal self-massage every morning and/or evening. A ritual will allow you to awaken your senses and boost the elasticity of the skin. 

The elixir can be applied to the face.



How to apply the oils?

Morning and evening :

  • Face: 1 to 2 pumps

  • Body: 2 pumps per zone

How is it to order? Delays ?

You can order on the website by adding your items to the basket.

You can also order via the application: you go to the website from your phone, a banner will appear at the top offering you to download the "Spaces" application, then you can order products in a simple way.

Once the payment has been received, Team Sense does its best to send the order as quickly as possible depending on the stock.


Where can we find you in physics?

You can find Estelle, founder and massage therapist, who performs treatments and training in body massages in the surroundings of Lavaur (81), Toulouse (31), Castres (81), Albi (81), Gaillac (81) (more infohere).


You will be able to find the Team during the next shows in which Sense will participate. Stay connected to oursocial networksto be informed of the news.


Sense, for example, participated in the well-being fair in Castres (81) on May 21 and 22, 2022 and the SoliZen fair in Villematier (31) on July 2 and 3, 2022.


You can find Caroline, massage therapist and wellness advisor on the island of St-barthelemy.


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