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The holistic bubble is the ideal place for every human being who wishes to connect with the power of body and mind. Thanks to the massage   I was able to connect to this power. That's why today I want to pass it on in this space of connection between well-being professionals. Each person is unique, each profession also and with several we create a greater vibration. The world needs this energy, so let's grow it together around care.

Estelle co fondatrice sense

I am Estelle, passionate about people, harmony between body and mind. 

Since I was 10 I was already in the hairdressing salon where my grandmother went to watch Margaret (the hairdresser) and I spent entire mornings there from time to time. 

From that moment, everything started in my head. Today after 15 years close to the well-being clientele, I have chosen to specialize in the holistic body care sector. 


Regain self-confidence, self-esteem and succeed in taking life lightly by giving meaning to massage, touch, bodily well-being and energy. 


Find the emotional and physical cause of a pain by releasing words before, during or after a massage. 


I accompany well-being professionals on the personalization of holistic care by integrating the tools that the practitioner already has and those that he will learn more according to his needs, his clientele. Breathing, feelings, massage techniques, client and self-accompaniment, energies, client follow-up and rituals followed after the treatment are elements that are essential today.  

The energy of the body circulates with the help of movement. 

A body without movement stiffens, creates knots, tensions, symptoms, illnesses…(Sport, diet and the use of natural products are also important factors for good energy circulation)


The stagnation of energy in the same place creates a short circuit in the same way as electricity in a socket. 

The spark does not happen by chance.

Fondatrice Sense et massothérapeute

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